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New Exhibition: What I Live By (WILBy)

What I Live By (WILBy), a new type of ethical concept shop created by former SMS faculty member Elana Langer, will be taking over the WYTHE hotel through April 7th.  WILBy invites guests to examine what matters most to them, with an experience that is equal parts installation and commerce.
The space will feature a live ethical sweatshop, a DIY craft corner, and a range of products available for purchase made by local artisans and designers. WILBy is also bringing a lineup of guest speakers to the hotel over the course of the month, including entrepreneurs, designers, artists, and performers who will all explore and share what they live by in their work and their daily life – including a talk on living local from Cerise Mayo of Brooklyn based Nutshell Projects, and a discussion of Made in Brooklyn by Deberah Johnson and Amy DeFault from the Pratt BF+DA Fashion Accelerator.