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Portfolio Opportunity – Project Felicity Seeking Sound Person

Project Felicity is seeking a sound person to help record sound on the set.

Felicity is a video portrait of the Court Square area in Long Island City, highlighting the nature of the gentrification process specific to the neighborhood through the adaptation of the scenes from the films of 60s and 80s such as those by Jean-Luc Godard and Yvonne Rainer.

The sound person is simply responsible to make sure that all the sound on set is captured. A person with experience and/or the basic knowledge of sound recording on set is preferred

– There will be three half day (4-6 hours) shoots and one possible make up shoot depending on how it goes with the first three.

– The first shoot will happen on one of the dates between 3/29(Saturday) – 3/30(Sunday).
– The second shoot will happen on one of the dates between 4/11-12 (Fri-Sat).
– The third shoot will be outdoors. It will take place on either on 4/19 (Saturday) or 4/20 (Sunday) depending on the weather.

– Food will be provided on the set. A stipend will be paid on each day of the shoot.

– The film will be exhibited in a gallery space in Lower East Side in late May or early June.

If interested, please contact Jeesu Kim at