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Job Opportunity – Tweet Contributor – Freelance

Fineas Media manages several twitter accounts for a large social sector client. We are seeking freelancers to curate content for these accounts and develop compelling twitter posts about this curated content. This is an extremely rewarding, fun and flexible gig for the right person. The compensation is generous for an entry to mid-level writer.

About 5-10 hours a week (we are quite flexible and will work with the right candidates to find a schedule that meets their needs).

Topics include (and are not limited to):

–        Social Innovation

–        Philanthropy

–        Global Financial Inclusion

–        K-12 Education

–        CSR  / Business and Society

*You do not need be knowledgeable in ALL of these topics. However, some strong familiarity in at least one of these areas is extremely helpful.


About Fineas Media

Fineas Media is a visual storytelling agency for social impact organizations, specializing in photography, short film and online marketing / social media.

We work with all kinds of changemakers, including social enterprises, philanthropies, CSR programs, and nonprofits. We help them develop the strategies and tools to effectively articulate their message, reach their most crucial audiences, and deliver on their mission.



We’re looking for someone who can handle nuanced content for a sophisticated audience, and can speak to them in a way that’s witty, pithy, engaging, and topical (so general writing background is definitely key)… Those with extensive social media backgrounds will be given special consideration but ultimately the most important thing is the ability to find the most interesting content on the topics above.

Our client’s audience is pretty well-versed in these topics, and composed of global development, nonprofit and business professionals. The tone and content of what we put out is highly substantive… This means we are less interested in cheer-leading type tweets for social good but instead emphasize diving deeper into factoids and nuances that can illuminate a perspective or share a surprising reality. We’re curating content from around the web which is in nature thoughtful, nuanced, compelling, attention-grabbing, and sometimes wonky and complex.

To Apply, email

1. Submit your resume as an attachment.

2. In the body of your email please submit:  INSTEAD of a cover note (or in addition to an exceptionally brief one), please submit 4-6 killer, witty tweets curating content from around the web (additional guidelines below)

Fineas Media GREATLY appreciates anyone who takes the time to submit an application with their tweets –in our experience, this is indeed the fastest way to see if this might be a good fit. Applications without tweets will not be considered.


Additional Guidance for tweet submission:

Imagine you are tweeting for an institutional account such as @EchoingGreen or @Acumen. Please put together 4-6 tweets curating content from around the web on social innovation / global development/ education / philanthropy that you think @RockefellerFdn @philanthropy, @SteveCase, @EducationNation, @OmidyarNetwork, @McKinseySociety, @NextBillion would be interested in and/or would retweet.


– Don’t include any RT’s for this exercise but DO consider opportunities to engage by mentioning other users or relevant hashtags

 – For the purpose of this exercise, simply tweeting an article headline will not be appropriate. Again, the idea here is to give us some insight into how you write and what perspective or factoids you would pull out

– Avoid anything too political

– This is all external content curation so avoid tweets without a link to any content

– Find what’s MOST interesting, unique or compelling about the story. The tweets could express or discuss a point of view (but not be so polemical or opinionated that an institutional account wouldn’t want to post it), highlight an interesting statistic, or perhaps pull out an interesting quote.

***Future Freelance Opportunities***

Fineas is a rapidly growing organization and there will be opportunities to be involved in various projects down the road. We encourage copywriters, graphic designers, post production editors, directors of photography, project managers, experienced marketing strategists and other creative professionals with a passion for the social sector to get in touch with us.

If you are interested in our work, please send us a note with your background and interests. Our doors are open and we’d love to know who you are and stay in touch.