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SMS student Eliot Krimsky Presents Lyfe™ at The Chain Theater on 03/28

Lyfe™ is a fictional software company that has the ability to track and analyze users emotions anywhere online. Glass Ghost’s PS122 show, “Welcome to Lyfe” creates a fictional “expo” for this company, inviting clients and users alike to see the wonders of the company’s motto,“Getting to know you better than you know yourself.”

Thirty minutes before the show (or advance online), Lyfe invites the audience to take the “My Lyfe Survey™ ” asking them cryptic questions, and to take a “selfie” as well as to join all Lyfe social media. Glass Ghost’s interactive set is played against a backdrop of audience members’ emotions and memories, which are featured on the three projection screens as a showcase of Lyfe’s powerful Emot-alytic software.

The goal of “Welcome to Lyfe” is to question who we are and become in the process of data mining, and to explore online targeting as a way to quantify and mold the elements of our emotions that makes us all unique, vulnerable and human. How much of our lives do we want to be “known” and “sold?” How much can software really know us? What does it mean to be authentic in the 21st century? The music of Glass Ghost serves as an underpinning for these questions.

Showings are March 28 and March 29 at The Chain Theater in Long Island City.

It’s a relatively small space and tickets may sell out, so it is strongly recommended that you reserve your tickets in advance:

Even if you can’t come, we encourage you to be a participant of the show by filling in a survey from the fictional company Lyfe ™ here:

Survey answers and social information may be projected during the show, creating a truly wild and interactive experience.

For more information here is an interview Krimsky did with PS122 about the show: