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The University at Buffalo Department of Media Study Scholarly Publication – Call for Submissions

The University at Buffalo Department of Media Study Graduate Student Association  would like to invite contributions to our scholarly publication provisionally titled: Burnt Media: Carmel Obscura.

The DMS GSA intends to produce a publication in the form of a cookbook where contributors will provide a ‘recipe’ that will share their working process that resulted in a creative output. Each ‘recipe’ will be given a 2 pages for a description of the project and  process in addition to space online where other media (additional photos, video, sound, source code, downloadable media, Fluxus Event Scores, etc…) can also be placed. The text in the cookbook is limited to 750 words, but there is no limit to the text or images that can be placed on the website. The format of a cookbook is intended to provide humor and accessibility to creative media projects, designed to be “cooked” by anyone.

Submitters should create a name for their ‘recipe’ such as a ‘Tactical Ecology Casserole’ and provide the ingredients needed, like the equipment used and the more abstract ‘ingredients’. For example, a more activist oriented recipe could include ingredients like: “1 part civil unrest, 1 part injustice, with a touch of government corruption, and 1/2 dozen motivated citizens”, while a more academic recipe’s ingredients could include read more like a bibliography: “1 amateur understanding of ethnography, 2 parts Latour, a dash of Foucault, some untapped subject matter, and a half-dozen sleepless nights. Unusual recipes, humorous recipies, or recipes that actually result in food are all welcome and encouraged.

Basically, anything goes. The DMS GSA chose the cookbook format as a way to include all the diverse creative practices of people working in media in any way through a format that will hopefully help to open up and share those diverse processes. We hope to produce a very eclectic group of recipes.

Please send submissions or questions to:

The deadline for submission ideas is April 1st

The deadline for print content is May 1st

The deadline for online content is June 1st