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The Screenwriting Workshop is an intensive, week-long program, that starts on JULY 7-14, 2014 on work-in-progress and individual attention by award-winning writers and writer/directors. Daily private sessions, film clips, lectures, and writing exercises are incorporated into daily morning workshops, which emphasize all aspects of the craft including narrative point of view, character analysis, and scene structure. In 2014, we will introduce a special session on the use and meaning of transmedia in digital filmmaking, as the threshold of the future.Our goal is to assist writers to improve their craft and bring them closer to production.

Space is limited to 20 participants.

Plus Special Guests Including Producers & Directors likeEugene Corr · Jacob Forman .Christopher Monger · Judith Rascoe · Tom Rickman

Camille Thomasson · Michael Urban

Limited Financial Aid available.

Deadline to Apply: April 8, 2014.

Visit the Screenwriting Workshop Website

If interested send an email to:

Screenwriting Director

Diana Fuller