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Collaboration Opportunity- Ring the Bells Productions

Ring the Bells, Collaborations across nationalities, genders and style

We are intrigued by the facinating dance between structure and content – the extent to which they interact and affect each other. This encourages us to take on projects of highly collaborative and multidisciplinary nature, and to play with the emphasis given to each cinematographic ingredient, reexamining its role and potential in shaping a piece and defining the world it portrays.

Galia Barkol

Founder & Artistic Director

The main reason for establishing Ring the Bells was Galia’s undeniable urge to marry her passion for Film and Language with her Acting and Performing skills and sensitivities, and create original content, truthful to the unique point of view she was looking to be able to express.

The Opportunity

Galia Barkol is looking to work with a co-producer on her next narrative feature film to collaborate and for the co-producer to be involved in the artistic vision of the piece, and help fundraise to bring the story to life.

Co-Producer for a narrative feature to be shot in late 2014/early 2015 – Budget under 50K.

This is a character-driven piece, patient and restless, with a unique pace and feel, bordering magical realism. The spaciousness and visual world of the film (style Lost in Translation, Blue, Take this Waltz, The Future), is accompanied and contrasted by personal, honest conversations and sharp observations (style Before Sunset, My Dinner with Andre, possibly early W. Allen).

This is a fiscally sponsored project, and we are raising the funds via donors. The co-producer would help secure donations and reach our goal. We have an advanced draft, and currently working on rewrites to align all aspects of the text and imagery to the concept and vision we have for the piece.

The Plot:

A woman’s life as she’s known it ends abruptly. In her last attempt to see if there is more to life than circumstances, she removes herself from her immediate environment – the life of an up-and-coming dancer in Paris. She finds herself in the leafy, sometimes dreamy, Park Slope in Brooklyn, NY, a destination that she readily admires for everything that it is not.

An unexpected encounter with a frequent and somewhat reluctant visitor to the city – a married businessmen who spends most of his time on the road – turns into an unusual kind of connection, which allows the space for both to contemplate matters of identity and meaning in an alternative, looser reality.

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