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Short photo/video presentation for wedding guests

We are seeking some help with the production of a short video (3 to 4 minutes) which will be shown to guests at our wedding on October 11th. The video would be a relatively simple compilation of photos, music, and a few titles to narrate the story, and perhaps some very basic animation. The purpose is for us to “tell our story” to the guests using photos, and a very basic story line, set to music which we have already selected. It will describe how we met, and the timeline of our relationship, etc.

We would provide the following:

– storyline / script which could be done in titles

– photos

– music

– suggestions for video effects / animation

– we would be available to review prior to completion and suggest edits

What we’re seeking is to take these elements and transform them into an entertaining, quick-paced video. We’re open to ideas on what effects, techniques etc. could be used to enhance it.

Please contact us if interested in the opportunity. Thank you so much.

Gwynne Murphy

Tel 917.693.1593