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SMS Senior, Andrea Kannes Invited to England for Thesis Film Screening

School of Media Studies senior, Andrea Kannes will be screening her thesis documentary, ‘We Lived Alone’ at the Sensoria Film and Music Festival in Sheffield, England. They will be flying her out for a screening of her film and to answer questions as a part of an event called “Roving Women” about Connie Converse. “We Lived Alone’ explores, after being commercially ignored as a singer-songwriter, Connie Converse disappearance in 1974 at the age of 50, leaving only goodbye notes and a filing cabinet full of her extraordinary life’s work. Her deeply personal songs were ahead of their time. ‘We Lived Alone’ uses an archive of home recordings, photos, and interviews to investigate the life of Connie Converse through the lens of her own music.

Songwriter, singer and guitarist, Nat Johnson will be playing some of Connie’s music as well as her own original material. Andrea was given access to Connie’s filing cabinet to make the film, uncovering not just more music, but artwork and letters, meeting with Connie’s family and building up a picture of this mysterious and extraordinarily talented woman.