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Call for Entries: Scientific Online Publishing


Scientific Online Publishing (SOP) is a publisher of journals covering a wide range of academic subjects. SOP is dedicated to spreading and sharing the latest research achievements around the world and offering a very convenient access to all the individual researchers and academic communities. SOP aims not only to promote the progress of science, but also to improve the level of research in developing areas. Under the principle of Open Access, SOP is devoted to promoting Open Access journal publishing worldwide. With SOP, any scientific outcome is obtainable at anytime in any corner of the world.


In the past month, we launched some new journals. So we reduced the publishing fees in this month. Most of our journals are now free of charge. For more details, please check the homepages of journals.

*Topics Principle*

SOP is making every effort to publish the latest research outcomes and scientific information in various subjects as many as possible. Any topics of subjects concerned are welcome. For more information, please visit the homepage of the journals: .

========Business Management===================

Open Journal of Business Model Innovation

Open Journal of Finance

SOP Transactions on Marketing Research

SOP Transactions on Economic Research

========Chemistry Molecular Science===========

SOP Transactions on Analytical Chemistry

SOP Transactions on Catalysis

SOP Transactions on Applied Chemistry

Open Journal of Biochemistry

SOP Transactions on Organic Chemistry

SOP Transactions on Physical Chemistry

Open Journal of Chemical Engineering and Science

========Mathematics Statistics================

SOP Transactions on Applied Mathematics

SOP Transactions on Statistics and Analysis

========Physics Material======================

Open Journal of Modern Physics

SOP Transactions on Nano-technology

SOP Transactions on Applied Physics

SOP Transactions on Theoretical Physics

========Earth Science Meteorology=============

Open Journal of Atmospheric and Climate Change

Open Journal of Remote Sensing and Positioning

Open Journal of Ocean and Coastal Sciences

Research of Geographic Structure and Earthquake

Open Transactions on Geosciences

========Energy Environmental Sciences=========

Open Journal of Water Pollution and Treatment

Open Journal of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

Journal of Environment and Human

========Information Sciences========================

Open Journal of Information Security and Applications

Open Journal of Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing

Open Transactions on Information Processing

Artificial Intelligence and Applications

SOP Transactions on Wireless Communications

Open Transactions on Wireless Sensor Network

Open Journal of Communications and Software

Journal of Computer Science and Software Application

SOP Transactions on Signal Processing

========Education & Psychology======================

Education Practice and Innovation

SOP Transactions on Psychology


SOP Transactions on Power Transmission and Smart Grid

Open Journal of Emergency and Rescure

Architecture and Urban Design

========Medical Life Sciences=====================

Advances in Biomedical Science and Engineering

Advances in Life Sciences and Health

SOP Transactions on Inheritance and Genetic Engineering

*Submission Guidelines*

Please be informed that all the authors should submit their papers electronically in WORD, PDF or LATEX format in our system. You can click to register on the online paper submission system. Upon the completion of registration, you will get a confirmation email from the system. As long as you verify the registered email account, you are free to submit your paper or surf on our website.

Any original academic paper is welcomed in SOP. Please note that the papers should not have been previously published or submitted for any journals or conference publications.

For more information, please visit on for any assistance