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Canon is Seeking Editors

Canon, the student-run interdisciplinary journal of the NSSR, is hiring editors for the upcoming school year. We are specifically looking for motivated students who want to carry the Canon torch into the next few years.


-Peer review


-Art direction




There is a possibility that you can be paid for this position if you have a workstudy award. We want to stress, however, that not only people with workstudy awards need apply, as this job is a great opportunity regardless of compensation. Over the past three years most people who have worked on Canon have gone on to careers in the publishing industry. There are also other perks like an operating budget. Expect to work 5-10 hours a week.

We will be conducting interviews via Skype over the next few weeks to determine Canon’s staff for the upcoming school year. First year MAs and PhD students are highly encouraged to apply.

Hiring will be done both through the interview process and through the New School job portal. Please email me at to schedule an interview and apply to the job here. In your email write ‘Canon Editor’ as the subject line. Attach a brief version of your CV and a cover letter of no more than 500 words.

Please respond no later than October 7th to qualify for a workstudy award.