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School of Media Studies Student, Karen Robins Premieres Work at HearSay Audio Festival, Ireland

School of Media Studies student, Karen Robins, was awarded the student prize of a premiere at the prestigious HearSay Audio Festival in Ireland, November 21-23, 2014 for her her pieces Lasagna Days/Esperitu. The winners including Karen, will be recognized on the first day of the festival, November 21st. The HearSay Audio Festival is a free and unique festival of sound, story, sharing & surprises taking place over the mountain village of Kilfinane, Ireland.
The piece, “Lasagna Days” was produced as an assignment for the WNSR SMS radio class taught by Jim Briggs. The jury who commented specifically on the quality of the work was made up of distinguished sound artists, producers and scholars.
Below is the link for the festival and a link for the jury/awards page.