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Job Opportunity: PBS TV Tropes Web Series Host

Kornhaber Brown, a digital video production company based in New York, is looking for a host for a weekly YouTube show for PBS Digital Studios that talks about tropes in movies, TV, videogames, etc in an intellectual and clever way.

It’s tentatively titled “Why Tropes Work” and it would be a researched (and fast-paced) breakdown of topics like why all disney characters are orphans, or what has to happen in a meatlocker sitcom episode.

They need someone who would get geekily excited to delve into researching, writing, and hosting this show for a YouTube audience. They should have some writing chops, and (ideally) performance experience.

I thought I’d reach out to see if the New School media department might be able to recommend an awesome, charismatic, film theory geek who would be a good host for a YouTube show. Ideally, they’d be out of school because the job would take up a significant amount of time.

About Kornhaber Brown

We’ve made two successful (and award winning!) hosted web series for PBS Digital Studios — Idea Channel is an academic look at pop culture topics, and Game/Show creates intellectual discussions about videogames.

We want to make another similar show for PBS that is more pinpointed on movies/television and storytelling as a whole. Our shows are all about applying high brow theory to low brow topics, while also being entertaining and fun.

This is a part-time paid gig with an adjustable schedule. It’s usually a couple days of scripting and one day of shooting per week.

If you can think of anyone who would be interested, send them my way at