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Oral History Winter School 2015

This January, Oral History Summer School returns to Hudson, New York…as Oral History Winter School!

We’re offering two focused workshops, in January: “Shaking the Family Tree” (Jan 3-5) and “Oral History & Radio Documentary” (Jan 10-14).
More information can be found, here:

Shaking the Family Tree: Tickled by Aunt Zelda? Get her on tape! ​This workshop on family history​ includes discussions of interview techniques, ethics, and memory, along with a mini family-themed film festival.

​ ​Oral History & Radio Documentary: Learn how to make radio documentary with Storycorps senior producer Michael Garofalo. Students will have the opportunity to visit Wave Farm and air docs-in-progress on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM. What can radio doc and oral history offer one another?​

These workshops are set in the Hudson Valley town of Hudson, New York, home to alluring architecture, innovative restaurants, and also the site of numerous artistic and social experiments, including: Camphill Hudson,Kite’s Nest , Hudson Wellness Collective, Hudson Sloop Club, Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center, WGXC 90.7-FM, and (nearby) Wave Farm. OHSS/OHWS is proud to collaborate with several community organizations and spaces.

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