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Job Opportunity: Bushwick Film Festival Workshop Series

Beginning Tuesday, January 6th, the Bushwick Film Festival will be offering a series of classes and workshops to filmmakers and media professionals held at our office on 49 Wyckoff Ave., off of the Jefferson St. L train.  The classes will be held at night anywhere from 7 to 10pm.  In the past we’ve held workshops on crowd funding, hand-painted filmmaking, social media management, pitching, etc.

We are currently searching for filmmakers and industry professionals who have a background in teaching and have developed a certain level of expertise in the particular classes they would propose to teach.

The Bushwick Film Festival Will:
* Provide an honorarium for each class taught: $100 for 60 minute classes and $125 for 90 minute classes
* Provide the space (See space)
* Provide equipment (projector and screen/or TV only)
* Print out documents needed for classes
* Set up and break down classes
* Promote and market each class
* Set up and manage ticket sales
* Provide drinks and snacks for students

Teachers will agree to:
* Propose a class idea
* Provide proof that you have experience teaching the particular topic
* Submit a class description and outline once the idea is approved and experience is verified
* Submit a class outline by December 15th so we have enough time to market your idea
* Provide a headshot and bio for us to include in the class schedule

If you’d like to teach one of our classes please start by filling out the form below and we can go from there!

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