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Documentary Theater Presentation: My Father’s A Cop

My Father’s A Cop
Performance Dates:
Saturday December 6, 2014 at 7pm (Preview)
Friday 12 & Saturday 13, 2014 at 7pm

Under St Marks Theatre
94 St. Marks Place (between 1st Ave and Ave A)
To RSVP email:
$15 Pay at the door & Cash Only

Documentary Theater
A One Person Show
Presented by Zoella & Teale Productions

Performed by Jerry Dean
Directed by Kurt Brungardt

**Warning Adult Content**

My Father’s a Cop chronicles Jerry Dean’s journey from extorting the owner of A&W Root Beer’s son for 6,000 dollars at his private upper east side grammar school when he was 12 through a series of teenage, gun-wielding crime sprees to incarcerations in America’s toughest prisons, repeated trips to the Bellevue Psych Ward, movie star friendships, run-ins with gangsters, kinky sex with supermodels, a burgeoning acting career, Hollywood break-ups and break downs, and an undying and tumultuous relationship with his father that would make Sophocles and Shakespeare Blush.

After hitting rock bottom, Jerry finds a social worker-angel and redemption in one the darkest places on the planet— Sing-Sing Prison Psychiatric Ward, a 30 bed facility created for the state’s most mentally ill criminals.

More than just Jerry’s story, My Father a Cop is the story of how the American dream gets perverted by money, power and fame.

My Father’s a Cop will stage this story in the style of a documentary and in the best tradition of long-form narrative non-fiction. This multimedia show will combine first person memoir (in the form of dramatic monologues), photos, filmed interviews with the all the major players, Michael Moore style confrontation scenes, where the past confronts the present, detailed reportage, and archive footageÑ busting the one man show into new territory.

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