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Job Opportunity at SundanceNow

Job Opportunity: Make $50+/hr working for Sundance!

Sundance is seeking upbeat, charismatic people who are interested in becoming brand delegates for SundanceNow. This would be very flexible fun, social, in-person work at a local theater, event space or screening series for a few days a week or month.

Goal is to get as many theatergoers as possible to sign up for a free trial to a new streaming service they are launching. They will pay you $10/hr plus $10 for every person you sign up with the staff. No commission cap! That means if your shift signs 100 people, we’ll pay you a $1,000 commission.

Interested? Reach out to for more info.

What is SundanceNow Doc Club?

SundanceNow Doc Club membership is a new streaming service. As a Doc Club member, you can unlock access to an extensive library of award-winning films, as well as exclusive access to movie premieres, award shows, film festivals and other membership benefits.

Each film is specially handpicked by cultural icons and filmmakers to ensure that only the best films are featured. An expert team works to uncover hard-to-find gems that can’t be found anywhere else and make it simple to choose what to watch through thoughtfully curated monthly programs.

You can stream instantly and watch an extensive library of films from your TV, tablet, smartphone or computer anytime, anywhere. Other membership benefits also include exclusive access to film festivals, parties and screenings. Join a vibrant community of documentary fans and directors.

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