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New Media Managment Course: Finance & Accounting for Media Managers

Finance & Accounting for Media Managers- (MMP)

CRN 7980 w/ Spencer Grimes

Financial considerations are at the heart of all important business decisions. Today’s business world requires corporate managers and entrepreneurs alike to have a solid grasp of financial information as it relates to pricing, revenue, cost of goods sold, profitability, budgeting, return on investment, taxes and capital allocation.
This course aims to reduce the complexity, dullness and intimidation often associated with accounting and finance by delivering a “real world” perspective, specifically from a media industry standpoint. The objective is not to prepare students to become CPAs but to enable them to be intelligent and conversant in core financial analysis. Students will learn to comprehend and evaluate income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements with analysis of financial documents from media companies like Facebook, Walt Disney, New York Times Company and Netflix. We’ll also discuss important concepts like valuation metrics, corporate capitalization principles, earnings per share and other investment considerations, capital raising, M&A strategies and techniques.

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