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Course Assistant Needed for Exploratory Programming

Course assistant needed for Exploratory Programming Course with Nick Montfort. He is looking for someone with computer programming background, specifically with Python and Processing.

Exploratory Programming

CRN 7797 w/ Nick Montfort

Wed. 7 – 9:45 p.m.

This course is about how to think with computation, how computation and media interact, and how we can understand computation as a part of culture. Programming is introduced as a way to iteratively design both artworks and humanities projects, in a process that allows the programmer to discover the direction of the project during programming. The idea of exploratory programming differs from the instrumental programming done to create an app or a banking system in compliance with a pre-determined specification. No previous background in programming is required.

The course mainly consists of in-class programming exercises of various sorts, from following along and inputting code through “free projects” in which students not only choose how to accomplish a programming task; they also choose (or discover) the direction of the project. Students have a free project to work on in between class meetings each week, each of which will be presented at least briefly in class. There will be some time for longer discussion and critique, but even shorter presentations will serve to show the variety of perspectives in the class and the many ways in which programming can be used to explore. To supplement the learning that happens by programming, a draft textbook will be provided and there will be short mini-lectures on particular concepts.

Please send resumes to Andrea Rodriguez at

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