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Kickstarter Campaign: Pioneers of African American Cinema

Hey people – I’m Executive Producer of a film project called Pioneers of African American Cinema that is underway as a Kickstarter Campaign.


I’m working with Kino-Lorber a great film production and distribution company that specializes in historical, silent film, and contemporary avant garde cinema. If you have a moment, please donate! If you don’t want to do anything with cash, use Facebook, tweet about it etc We have some incredible folks getting involved!

About this project
Among the most fascinating chapters of film history is that of the so-called “race films” that flourished in the 1920s – ‘40s. Unlike the “black cast” films produced within the Hollywood studio (such as Stormy Weather or Green Pastures), these films not only starred African Americans but were funded, written, produced, directed, distributed, and often exhibited by people of color.

Entrepreneurial filmmakers such as Oscar Micheaux, Spencer Williams, and Richard D. Maurice not only built an industry apart from the Hollywood establishment, they also cultivated visual and narrative styles that were uniquely their own. Defying convention and operating outside the studio system, these filmmakers were the forefathers (and -mothers) of the French New Wave, the L.A. Rebellion, and the entirety of American indie cinema.

Anything but imitative, these Pioneers of African-American Cinema were purely innovative.

Check it out!

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