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Translation-Machination Symposium at NYU

The Translation-Machination Symposium at NYU

Friday, February 27th 2015 | 1:00-5:00pm | 239 Greene St., 8th Floor

This event explores the changing circumstances of linguistic exchange and considers the implications of translation as a language technology from a media theoretical perspective. It aims to render discernible the materialities of translation as they shape and are shaped by the contours of politics of economies of language and culture. Questions to be investigated include machine language, speech recognition and machine translation, human-machine communication, post-alphabetic literacies, translation labor and crowdsourcing, and translation in media history and theory.

This afternoon-long event will feature an opening keynote with Rita Raley and a closing response with Emily Apter. Additional speakers include Dean Jansen (Data & Society), Xiaochang Li (NYU), Mara Mills (NYU), Christine Mitchell (NYU), and Luke Stark (NYU).

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