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Dorkshops Feb 14-15

“Faking It” in After Effects with Zac Collopy
Saturday Feb 14 at 3pm
Room 1206
6 East 16th St
Here’s an intense beginner’s course in making it look like you’ve spent years working with After Effects. We will briefly go over the general interface and tools but will mainly focus on a few key effects which will allow you to add professional touches to your work and quickly pick up the basics on the fly. We will look at rigging ‘puppets’ for simple animations, basic motion tracking with text and graphic overlays, the use of masks in both Video and Motion Graphics + learn how to bring our files in from Illustrator and Photoshop to play around and make sexy sexy Vimeo with.
Requirements: Adobe After Effects(++Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop), Discipline.
Sound Manipulation in Max/MSP with Madhava Tankha
Sunday, Feb 15 at 3pm
Room 1206
6 East 16th St
Max/MSP/Jitter is a great tool for artists who want to make cool audiovisual art but don’t find typing code very artistically inspiring. With Max’s visual coding interface you can quickly get down to creating and experimenting intuitively instead of spending hours rechecking bracket placement, debugging, or trawling through obscure internet forums. The platform particularly shines when used for installations or performances, and with live-manipulated audio/video.
In this Dorkshop we will focus on some powerful and easy-to-use sound features:
– Automatically recording, manipulating, and playing back live sound
– Real- time amplitude and pitch detection
– Bringing your sound files into Max and toying with them
– Creating electronic sounds and algorithmically-generated patterns to produce sound art
– Doing other weird Max stuff like creating sound from an image / video feed
Recommended: a copy of Max unless you just want to watch (there’s a 30 day free trial), earphones (important), mouse (very helpful)

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