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Call for Papers: 12th Annual Graduate Student Conference, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA


12th Annual Graduate Student Conference

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

University of California, Los Angeles 

Alteridad: Manifestaciones y Tensiones

April 16-17, 2015
How is the idea of otherness perceived in the Luso-Hispanic world? Social, cultural, economic and political differences, which have been imposed by those in power, produce the limitations that allow us to position ourselves in front of the other and vice-versa. The tensions among different cultures, their languages, their masks and their otherness, have been an inspiration for numerous artistic, linguistic, and humanistic manifestations. This conference aims to create a dialogue to explore this phenomenon from different perspectives. We welcome presentations that engage with, but are not limited to, the following:









Presenters are invited to discuss the conference’s theme from different perspectives related to Linguistics, Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Migration Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, Film Studies, and other similar areas.


Please submit your abstract with approximately 250 words in length via e-mail  to The e-mail should include your name, institution affiliation, paper title, and e-mail address. Paper presentations must not exceed 20 minutes (8 double-spaced pages); and may be presented in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

The deadline to submit the abstract is March 1, 2015.



Mester, the graduate student academic journal of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UCLA, seeks papers for its 44th issue to be released in 2015—


Mass Media, Culture and Society

Submission Deadline: Friday, February 27, 2015

Our upcoming volume will have a general section open to any topic related to the scope of the journal, as well as a special supplement entitled “Mass Media, Culture and Society.”


With “Mass Media, Culture and Society,” Mester aims to engage critically with the way society has responded to mass media discourses, such as the interplay between “high” culture and mass culture, and/or mass media’s political, esthetic and social implications. The articles in the latter section may address the influence of mass media on culture and society through diverse manifestations and across different historical events. Examples to explore may include the McOndo generation in Latin America, the Crack in Mexico, and the Nocilla or Afterpop in Spain.


Mester 44 also seeks to analyze the construction of gender, as well as racial and ethnic identities through mass media, in addition to instances of linguistic discrimination of minority languages, as is the case with indigenous languages and cultures in Latin America and Lusophone Africa, and with Galician, Catalan and Basque in Spain.

encourages article submissions from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives and academic orientations, such as Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Transatlantic Studies, Trauma Studies, Memory Studies, Comparative Literature, Film Studies, etc.


Articles may be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. Publication decisions are based solely on the quality of the submissions. For further information on our guidelines for manuscripts to be considered for publication, please seeour website:

Texts must be submitted electronically via eScholarship
. More information about the submission process is available at this website



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