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New School Alum, Ido Mizrahy will Premiere film GORED at the Tribeca Film Festival

Media Studies Alum, Ido Mizrahy will premiere his film GORED at the Tribeca Film Festival On April 16th through April 25th. Mizrahy graduated from Liberal Arts Program (with a concentration in cinema studies) in 2007. More information on the premiere here 
Antonio Barrera is the most gored bullfighter in modern history, and known to perform with total abandonment. He’s been gored twenty three times, an unusually high number that includes seventeen surgeries, countless broken bones and many mental scars. Now with a family to consider, a body that won’t hold up and a lack of interest from promoters, Barrera has decided to retire. Before his last bullfight, he is conflicted. After taking such a beating all his life, he dreams of staying alive for his family. Yet he still fantasizes of becoming a well known bullfighter, a dream that he and his father shared, and to do that he feels he must sacrifice himself to the bulls. Will he survive his final performance?

Ido Mizrahy’s first feature-length narrative, Things That Hang From Trees(2007) was recently selected to be part of MOMA’s permanent collection. In 2011, Mizrahy was a co-director and co-writer on Beyonce: Year of 4, a documentary about the pop singer, which debuted on MTV and VH1. Mizrahy’s first feature-length documentary, the critically acclaimed Patrolman P, premiered on DIRECTV in 2014.

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