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New SAG-AFTRA Student Film Agreement

Attached is the new SAG-AFTRA Student Film agreement, which takes effect on July 1, 2015.
2 changes that must be pointed out:
1 – the new rate of pay is now $125.00/ day per performer (sec 6, part a-iii). This amount is still deferred.
2 – sec 7, part d – Non-Deferred Monies, new part x. has been added for stunt coordinator. If stunts are being performed there must be a stunt coordinator on  set & this section addresses pay for these performers. The stunt coordinator’s salary can be negotiated, but if not this section will determine their rate of pay. We will also allow for this salary to be deferred.
Otherwise the agreement is the same.
Please review these changes 
If you have any questions please email: Thomas Gall:

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