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Dean Anne Balsamo Facilitates Workshop at Yale on Designing Online Collaborative Courses

Dean Anne Balsamo, Dr. Veronica Paredes, and Dr. TL Cowan from The School of Media Studies at The New School are facilitating a four-day workshop at Yale University, August2-5, 2015 on the topic of “How to Design a Distributed Online Collaborative Course (DOCC).”  With support from the International Alliance of Reserach Universities (IARU), Yale University, The New School, and FemTechNet, the workshop sessions focus on creating multi-institutional international collaborations, designing assessible digital tools, and assessing online learning.  More than 60 people from 12 countries are participating in workshop that is being held simultaneously in New Haven and Los Angeles and online, with additional sessions hosted from Bangelore.  The aim of the workshop is to create DOCCs on three topics:  Feminist Technoscience, “State Failure,” and “Translocal Media Activism.”
For more information about DOCCs, FemTechNet, and the Yale workshop, please contact:  Dean Anne Balsamo:

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