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Anezka Sebek: Graduate Assistant Position for Immersive Technologies Research

Anezka Sebek: Graduate Assistant Position for Immersive Technologies Research

Graduate Assistant Position for VR Research (Fall and possibly Spring as well).

Graduate Student needed with excellent research and writing and web coding abilities to explore the literature,social and web media, interactive interfaces, conferences, symposia, both online and in print, that discuss the rapidly-developing and growing field of virtual, augmented, and projected realities and their application. The position could be a two semester commitment: the first semester for research, the second semester for implementation of a searchable research database. Or it could be only for one semester depending on your availability.

FALL Commitment-10 hours a week for 15 weeks: Ms. Sebek will work with the Research Assistant to collect the links and literature.
SPRING Commitment-10 hours a week for 15 weeks: The assistant will build a searchable on line database of research materials.

The intended purpose of the research is for Ms. Sebek to write an article for publication that will review the advancements in the field of virtual reality building, navigation, entertainment, and storytelling. The database will also be used for curricular development in the future. Ms. Sebek’s familiarity with motion capture technologies that drive a lot of the digital interfaces for virtual worlds, head mounted, and projected environments goes back to the original virtual reality experiments of the late 1980s and 90s. In the fall, Ms. Sebek has been invited to speak to the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria about narrative and interactive new media in a panel entitled “Expanded Animation.” The panel will discuss the intersection of technology with the very timely advancement of the field of digital narratives and virtual world navigation.

A few examples of media research found that virtual worlds offer young people a way to experiment with gender identities in empowering ways ( Another example is the video game entitled “Outcasted” that aims to create empathy for homeless people encountered on the street. The social questions of the physical world can be asked in virtuality in new and provocative ways and Ms. Sebek hopes to specifically advance this critical dialogue.

Anezka Sebek Bio
Indonesian-born Anezka Sebek has taught full time at Parsons in the MFA in Design and Technology program since 1999. She designs curricula in the BFA/MFA new media technologies such as virtual interaction (head-mounted and projected) as well as teaching in the BFA/MFA in Design and Technology studio and thesis courses. Before turning to teaching, her extensive career in the film industry included projects for television, advertising, documentaries and feature films. She was best known as a visual effects and computer animation producer for technologically complex projects that combined live-action with digital effects. She has written, produced, and directed music videos, narrative shorts, and documentaries. Ms. Sebek served on juries for ACM Siggraph Electronic and Animation Theater (2003/04) and Ars Electronica (2008/09/11/13). She now furthers her study of the human condition at The New School for Social Research.Ph.D in Sociology (2015) from The New School for Social Research.


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