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Emergent Citizen Media Course, Now Open for Enrollment

Emergent Citizen Media Course
School of Media Studies

Media Studies has announced a special opportunity for TNS students to participate in a 1-credit project-based course on the topic of “Emergent Citizen Media Activism” taught by Bob McKinnon, the School of Media Studies’ Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

Students will have the opportunity to create a specific citizen media activist campaign in response to an emergent social issue. Sometime during the Spring semester, students will be assigned a “breaking story.” Working in teams, they will collaborate to create a well-designed and appropriate media response. The teams will disseminate the campaign, monitor its outreach and results, and discuss the impact of the campaign.

If you are interested in participating in this course, send a message to Dean Anne Balsamo at with the subject header: Application for Citizen Activism Course. Please respond by November 9th. Participants will meet during November to organize and discuss the process of collaboration.

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