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Faculty Brown Bag: Elizabeth Ellsworth 12/8

Please join us for this semester’s final Faculty Brown Bag Presentations featuring, Elizabeth Ellsworth, Media Studies Professor in Room D1618, 12/18/16 at 12:00p.m.

Developing a new SMS course entitled: Living the Anthropocene: Media Objects, Practices, Ethics

In this brown bag, she will share some of the research and media practices that inform her syllabus for this new course offered Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. The course challenges us to locate our creative and ethical aspirations for media making and media use within the continuously evolving material and ecological parameters that the Anthropocene is now setting for human biological and social/cooperative life. The course will ask: How and why might we understand media to be both agents and products of the Anthropocene? What it might mean to “live the Anthropocene” “ethically” and “practically” in relation to one’s self and others as a producer and user of media objects and systems? She invites input and feedback at the brown bag from colleagues about this course as a work in progress.

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