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DCTV Filmmaking Workshops

Join us at DCTV in the Winter/Spring 2016 for our media arts workshops!
Whether you’re breaking into the medium or learning to flex new muscles, this January through April, we’re proud to offer renowned classics, revivals, and additions to our signature filmmaking and media arts workshops. As always, our workshops will be hands-on, intimate, led by industry professionals and, most importantly, affordable.

Design a smashing title sequence when you traverse Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Practice tactics of self-sufficiency with our revamped Guerilla Filmmaking. Perfect your recordings and mixes in Audio Storytelling and ProTools. Mull over Documentary Research and Projection in Documentary Design. Splice and dice your own footage in Build Your Reel, and alter your visuals inMax MSP/Jitter. These are just a sliver of our latest offerings.


See all of our Winter/Spring 2016 Workshops here and register!

After Effects I • After Effects II • Audio Fundamentals • Audio Storytelling • Avid • Build Your Reel • Camera Fundamentals • Camera Fundamentals in Mandarin / 基礎影片攝影 • Camera Fundamentals in Spanish / Fundamentos de Cámara • Camera Movement • DaVinci Resolve• Digital Cinematography • Direct with Non-Actors • Docu Edit • Docu Work-In-Progress Lab • Documentary Intensive • Documentary Research • Final Cut Pro • Get Your Film Into Festivals• Green Screen • Guerilla Filmmaking • HTML/CSS • Interviewing Techniques • Lens Selection • Lighting Fundamentals • Max MSP/Jitter • Photoshop • Premiere • Pro Tools • Production Week • Projection in Documentary Design • Stop Motion Animation I • Stop Motion Animation II • Tune Your Pitch, Raise Your Dough • Video DSLR


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