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Success of a Media Studies Alum

Media Studies alum, Heider Tunarrosa, is a writer and a comedian  from Bogota, Colombia. In 2012, he graduated from The New School with a degree in creative writing and film studies. He moved to New York City when I was 20, and it was around that time that he came out of the closet. All of his peers supported him, but my family in Colombia was never accepting of his sexual orientation.

After he finished college, he decided to pursue a career as a comedian. he wrote a short film called “Searching for Taylor Swift” where he plays an exaggerated version of himself and does everything he can for meeting the successful singer, Taylor Swift, but he ends up falling in love with a drag queen who looks like her.

This short film opened a lot of doors for him. Over the past two years, the film has been accepted at the San Franciso Latino Film Festival in 2014, and last year it was accepted at Outfest Fusion where the short film premiered at the Egyptian Theatre.

Here’s also some initial press for the film:
You can watch the short film on the following link. The password is taylorswift

Following the success of the short film, he wrote and starred in a play called “You belong with me because you’re so vain.” The play is a romantic comedy about a neurotic songwriter who is uninspired to write a new song; however, everything changes when he accidentally falls in love with his best friend’s ex-boyfriend and the people that help our writer solve this romantic dilemma are the imaginary versions of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

The play was accepted at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Short Play Development Program last year, and this year the play was accepted at the Midtown International Film Festival in New York City and at the Rapid Development Series at The Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles, California.


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