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Media Studies and Drama Collab: Cinema Project Workshop

The Cinema Project Workshop course is now in its 4th year and has produced 15 short films involving over 100+ MFA Drama and MA Media Studies students. The films are short narrative films written by the 3rd MFA Drama Playwrights, directed by 3rd MFA Drama Directors and starring all of the 3rd Year MFA Drama Actors. At this time, we still have several production support positions available for the workshop – specifically for Sound Recordists, Sound Editors, Camera Assistants and Production Assistants.

MA Media Studies students collaborate on the films as Directors of Photography, Editors, Co-Producers, Sound Recordists & Designers, and First Assistant Directors. Jazz and Mannes students compose scores for the films. The class meets weekly on Tuesdays, 4pm-6pm. Student production teams meet outside of class hours to produce and edit the films throughout the Spring semester.

This year Drama is producing 3 films and it’s more competitive for seats. Media students have the chance to apply this fall and if they apply early enough, will have the chance to meet Drama students and hear readings of the screenplays. They will be accepting applications through January and acceptance into the workshop will be confirmed no later than mid-January. There is flexibility for students interested in auditing the course to gain experience in production support roles (1st AC, PA).

Students can register for 0 or 1 credit to work in these production support roles. Interested students can contact WILLIAM CUSICK
PART-TIME LECTURER, DEPARTMENT HEAD, MFA & BFA CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES directly via email – – and should review the past films and information on the website.

Course details, past films, and the online application are here –

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