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Call for Submissions: New York Transit Museum’s Platform

Inspired by the engineering, intricate choreography, and impromptu interactions of your daily commute?  Wish there was an open mic night for historians and urbanists? A show-and-tell for your creative musings on mass transit?

Us, too.  That’s why we are excited to announce our third open call for PLATFORM, a series of cross-disciplinary programs created by the public for the public.

The Transit Museum is now accepting creative proposals for 2016 PLATFORM programs, due by 5pm on Monday, February 8. We welcome submissions from all disciplines—history, science, engineering, visual and performing arts, urban studies, city planning, academic fields. The common denominator? Public transportation.

Check out a video & our past PLATFORM artists for inspiration.
Read about PLATFORM in the NYTimes.

Submissions may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Live performance (music, theater, dance, spoken word, storytelling, comedy)
  • Film (documentary, fiction, creative media works)
  • Visual Art (must be presentation or other programmatic discussion of artwork)
  • Slideshow (academic, artistic, participatory mini lecture, etc)
  • Other participatory events

Submissions will be reviewed by the Museum.

Have a question? Need some help refining your idea? Ready to submit a complete proposal?

Contact us at

Program proposals should include all of the following:

  • Title of Program
  • Keywords (3 max) that describe your program
  • Brief description (2 sentence max) of your program
  • Long form description including details about content, presentation or performance method, participants, estimated length, target audience, and technical requirements
  • Examples, as relevant (could include prior presentation of program, promotional materials, links, videos, photos, description of proposed participants, etc.)
  • Brief bio (3 sentence max) of yourself

Please email submissions to by 5pm on Monday, February 8.

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