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Surveillance Inc.
Parsons School of Design
PSAM 5782 A 6490

Course Description

Digital networks provision for immense, unprecedented connectivity. This hyper connectedness enables both unlimited communication and ubiquitous monitoring. As whistleblowers leak details about international surveillance infrastructures and the considerable overlaps with commercial platforms, Internet users confront startling revelations about how both state and private actors record and mine the details of our lives. Big Brother meets Big Data. This course examines these phenomena within historical and contemporary socio-technical contexts. Paying special attention to art, design and technology that critique, mitigate, or respond to surveillance, the studio elective will support the practice of making new responses to the implementation of digital tracking infrastructures as an art and design practice, by exploring critical artifacts, systems, strategies, and interventions.

There is still space to join the class. Email David Carroll or Melanie Crean to register.

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