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SMS Care: Call for Collaborators



SMS Care is a pilot project utilizing SMS mobile infrastructure to educate, identify, and manage club foot patients through a care cycle. SMS Care was a recent winner of the 2016 D-Prize and is slated to run a pilot in Niger beginning in April. In preparation for this pilot we are seeking media based collaborators to aid in the creation of a nation wide multi channel public health campaign prompting primary care givers to text a free number if they suspect their child is in need of treatment for clubfoot. Your assistance in this project generates a lasting impact, giving children in need the ability to walk.


We are seeking individuals to assist in the creative strategy and production of a short video spot, radio advert, and print campaign. Ideal partners possess prior experience in multi-media production with a focus on international health campaigns. Partners should also be proficient in Adobe Create Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), videography and editing software (Premiere, Avid, ect), or audio recording and mixing software (Audition, Logic, Audacity, ect.). Calling all media makers, graphic artists, and audiophiles to work on an innovative public health campaign for social benefit across Niger in West Africa.


If interested please email for more details.

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