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Program Officer at Open Society Foundations

The Information Program is recruiting a Program Officer to join our team based at the Open Society Foundations (OSF) office in London. The new staff member will work both independently and collaboratively to manage the Program’s work on the “quantified society” challenging the harmful impact of big data and strengthening rights and justice in this new data-saturated environment. The successful candidate will be responsible for evolving and implementing the Program’s Quantified Society strategy and carry out all stages of relevant grant making. Priority will be given to candidates with a demonstrated ability to think strategically about opportunities for change in the field of technology and social justice. They will also need to thrive in a team able to respond to a fast-changing environment. Prior experience in grant making or philanthropy is not required.

Responsibilities for the role may include the following:

Evolve the strategy of the Information Program’s Quantified Society initiative, lead regular internal reviews including with the Program’s Advisory Board, and present the Program’s work to both internal and external audiences.

Implement a program of work to advance the Quantified Society strategy, using a range of tools including grant making, fellowships, litigation and program-related investments.

Operating with considerable autonomy, manage relationship with grantees and other social change partners and make funding decisions within an approved budget and strategy.

Build collaborative relationships within and outside OSF (e.g., with existing grantees, prospective grantees, experts in the community, etc.) that advance rights and justice in the quantified society.

Share responsibility for strengthening connections between OSF’s geographic and thematic programs consistent with OSF’s broader priorities, identifying opportunities where a shared approach might have the potential to create a broader impact.

Monitor fields of interest to the Information Program and OSF and participate in the development of the Information Program’s overall strategy.

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