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Health and Wellness Events

 February 16 – 29
3rd Floor Walkway over Vera List Courtyard
Body Positivity Exhibit
body-positivity-exhibit 2016February 25
6 pm, Lang Cafe (65 W 11, ground floor)
Intuitive Eating Workshop: Hosted by Liam Mugavin and Sarah Bartley. Special Guest speaker and nutritionist Rachel Knopf Shey will also lead a discussion on intuitive eating.
-Button making
8-9pm WORKSHOP ON “THE BODY” led by HONEST ACCOMPLICE THEATRE teaching artist – and check out the art exhibit on the 3rd floor walkway above the Vera List Courtyard.
February 29
1 pm, Wollman Hall (65 W 11, 5th floor)
Prison Divestment Teach-In: As we saw with fossil fuel divestment, a movement of this kind is achievable with student support. We encourage you to attend, share this information and support our vision of making The New School an exemplary model of social justice in action.
prison divestment
March 3

7 pm, Lang Cafe (65 W 11, ground floor)
Sex & Chocolate is a group workshop led by Sex-E leaders aimed toward sexual education; with this edition we focus on LGBTQIAGNC students.  For more information, contact

sex and chcolate banana RAINBOW 03-03-16
March 11

1-5 pm, 80 Fifth Ave, room 529

Safe Zone training for the New School community. Topics include policies and resources at the university, how to build safer university spaces, gender and sexuality. To RSVP:

Safezone Spring 2015 quarter

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