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“Latin America Documentary Screenings: Discussions of Space”

The Design Studies Forum is pleased to announce and invite you to the “Latin America Documentary Screenings: Discussions of Space”.

The events will happen on Wednesdays at 7pm, during the month of April, and screenings of short and long documentaries will be followed by discussion panels with directors, faculty members and scholars, students and activists.

Every week Latin America will be featured from a different angle, always maintaining a focus on its spatiality and the connections to the urban environment and its society, with discussions about cities, urban democracy, social justice, public spaces, the commons, amongst others.

April 6th, Wednesday- 7pm | Room UL105 (University Center)

Elevado 3.5 (3.5 Overpass)
2007 | 75 min
Directors: Maíra Bühler, Paulo Pastorelo, João Sodré

–> Followed by talk with professor William Morrish and Director João Sodré

From down on the street to the highest floor of its surrounding buildings, Overpass 3.5 documents the life around the Minhocão (Big Worm), a 3.5km (2.1 miles) elevated highway in downtown São Paulo built during the Brazilian military dictatorship. Both above and below the overpass, within the system of power that runs the city and in its shadows, the documentary presents a dive into different characters personal stories.

April 13th, Wednesday – 7pm | Room A407 (66 W 12st)

Dia de Festa (House-warming Party)
2005 | 77min
Directors: Pablo Georgieff and Toni Venturi

–> Topics of discussion: São Paulo, housing rights, squatting movements, Movimento sem Teto (MTST), displacement, feminist perspective.

–> Followed by talk TBA

Four women, each from impoverished and hard working childhoods in the fields, leave the countryside and move to the big city in search of a better life. After struggling on the streets of São Paulo, they encountered each other and a social/political movement that gave them a strong reason to live. Today they are the leaders of the MSTC (Movement of the Homeless of the Centre of São Paulo). This documentary follows the simultaneous mass occupations of a number of empty buildings during one night (“a house-warming party”) seen through the eyes of these women.


April 27th, Wednesday – 7pm | Room UL105 (University Center)

Ilha das Flores (Isle of Flowers)
1989 | 13min
Director: Jorge Furtado


2015 | 5min
Artists/director: Mundano and Martha Cooper

–> Topics of discussion: waste, recycling, graffiti, social justice, poverty, social empowerment

–> Followed by talk TBA

Ilha das Flores (Isle of Flowers):
Sardonic ‘educational’ treatise on the food chain, consumerism, injustice, and how free markets operate. A spoiled tomato discarded by a middle-class housewife is tracked from a tomato farm to the slop fed to pigs on the Ilha das Flores, where the garbage not good enough for pigs is given to the landless poor in strictly controlled 5-minute intervals.

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