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Job Opportunity: Funky Tuesday

Who are we? 
We are an independent group of passionate and lively individuals who are embracing and pushing for a larger Funk and Soul culture in Copenhagen, Denmark. Most events take place centered around the weekends but we would like to change this. We found it, therefore, a necessity to develop our love for funk by hijacking a weekday and make it ours – an intimate space where the strict use of vinyls is a must, a diverse and international DJ line-up is crucial, and tunes that inherently bring out the dance in people is the spirit. This is what we call Funky Tuesday – a celebration of funk every Tuesday!

As Funky Tuesday gets more popular, there is a demand for more of it.  We bring in live-bands, dance crews, and invite the funkiest people in the city to join. This has been a great success, and with the ever-growing interest in the Funky Tuesday movement, we have decided to up our game. This time, we will be bringing Funky Tuesday to New York City to not only show N.Y. Funk lovers what we do in Copenhagen, but to be inspired and to learn about the N.Y. Funk culture which we hope to bring back to Denmark. We believe, an opportunity like this needs to be documented!

On this note, we are looking to work with two eager film students who have an interest in making music/culture documentaries and are willing to document our Funky Tuesday experience in New York City.

When: May 8th, 2016 to May 11th, 2016

What will we be doing in NY?:

Everyday that we are in New York, the two resident DJ’s (Sylvain (founder of the Funky Tuesday movement) and Oriol – ‘We play for Fun(k)’) will be playing in different venues across the city (though primarily in Brooklyn) from small cozy bars to a large event hosted by the most prominent Funk people in the industry. In addition, we will be interviewing various Funk personalities and random people on the streets as well as documenting the journey and spirit of the Funky Tuesday crew.

A detailed schedule of events, times and places will be made available closer to the time of arrival.


– Flexibility in terms of working hours (one day may require 4 hours of work, while the next may require 8 hours)
– The filming crew have no rights to sell the footage or documentary, but will have the right to use it to self-promote (portfolios, cvs ect.)
– Film crew must be able to attend all the DJ events (morning and night time)
– Film crew must be able to move around the city easily (no equipment that is inconvenient or difficult to move with).
– Film crew must have filming equipment which is well-suited for indoor and dark spaces
– Minimum age is 21 for participation in this project

– Post-production will take place in Copenhagen through a different working team.


We are happy to pay between 50-100 USD per day, per student depending on amount of hours worked and level of experience/education.
To Apply: 

Please send maximum a one page description of yourself and about the previous projects you have worked on. If possible, send a small sample of previous work (though not a strict requirement).

Deadline for application is: April 11th, 2016 

Please send your application and/or any questions you may have to:

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