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7th Annual Independent Film Festival, Lineup Now Available

The Best Indie Films are coming to NYC April 27 – May 1

The full lineup is LIVE on the official NYC Indie Film Festival website. Each year, they embrace independent filmmakers, many of which are students like you. Check out the highlights of some of the best NYC-based films below.

Use the student disocunt code: STU2016

Below is a sample of films that will be screened.

USA | 2015 | Documentary | 77 min | English
WAITING is a Documentary about a longing for validation as a modern settler. Three Italian Immigrants aim for a second chance in life in New York City. Floriano Pagliara is a professional boxer looking for self-validation after a humiliating defeat back in Italy. Paolo Buffagni is a former actor without any musical instruction. Paolo Inferrera ultimately wants to open a restaurant in New York.

The Ghost in Your Library
USA | 2015 | Drama | 102 min | English
Albert (Thom Woodley) and Lisa (Vanessa Reseland) are two old friends from high school drama club. He lives in New York and writes video games, while Lisa has found herself in an entirely different reality. A chance meeting in Times Square leads them to spending a few hours of the afternoon together before she heads back to her real life. But during their walk downtown towards her car, both take the opportunity to reveal long-pent-up secrets they’ve hidden from the other. By the time they reach the end of Manhattan, neither of their lives will be the same.

Queer City
USA | 2015 | Documentary | 84 min | English
Four decades after the Stonewall riots exploded, life is dramatically different for LGBT people. Queer City shares untold first-person stories of an indomitable spirit that made every victory possible and kept a community moving forward after devastating losses. Queer City explores the lives of a highly diverse group of women and men living across New York City. The film cannot, of course, represent every aspect of LGBT life, but rather weaves together a selection of stories to offer a compelling portrait of queer lives.

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