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The Band 212GREEN is Looking for a Video Editor

The band 212GREEN is looking for a video editor to edit their music video shot by Gil Freston and DP Jordan Parrott for their original song Too Tight. The video has been shot (2 days of shooting) and now needs to be edited. It’s a young band (high school and college aged, links below). Everyone involved donated their time as there was no budget. We are looking for a creative, talented young editor with the ‘know-how’ to edit the video, working as a team-player with the band.
This is a band on the rise and they will be making monthly videos and are looking for someone who would be excited in joining the team and growing with them. However, if the student is only interested in working on this one project, that is okay as well.
We have a very small budget to pay the editor and they will be the only one getting paid on the entire project. Rate will depend on their experience. Before applying, they should definitely research the band and have editing suggestions and an editing time line prior to meeting the band. Editing experience is a must (student projects are fine).
To send resume or for more information contact Derek & Sheri Green at
Band links:


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