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Coast 2 Coast International Summer Audiovisual + Art Workshop /// PERU

Coast 2 Coast facilitates audiovisual classes on ocean stewardship that catalyze reflection, brainstorm solutions, and enable locally-led change. Local participants engage influential stakeholders and a global audience using participatory videos, art, photography, music, and more. All life on earth benefits from healthy oceans. Our participatory audiovisual workshops build local capacity – empowering coastal communities that already have a deep understanding of their area’s marine resources with the management tools needed to care for them. Digital storytelling and the visual arts are innovative, nonviolent, powerful advocacy tools that spread beyond socioeconomic and geographical barriers. 

In the participatory process, our audiovisual workshop participants develop technological knowledge, critical thinking skills, a space for free-expression, and channel for engagement as active participants in their communities. Our community-based approach recognizes ocean conservation’s longterm success depends on locally-led change for sustainable solutions.

This June, we have a rare opportunity for university students studying or highly interested in film, photography, music, dance, visual arts, or creative writing to join us for an international workshop on local community engagement through storytelling. Students collaborate with local partners to facilitate photography, animation, film, art, and upcycling projects for small-scale fisheries and marginalized coastal communities. Local residents are the storytellers and our team simply provides the audiovisual tools, technical support, theoretical knowledge, and digital platform for local productions to be disseminated globally.


Also, students may contact for more information.

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