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Workshop invitation: “Unflattening and Enacting Visualization”, June 9 at The Graduate Center, CUNY

“Unflattening and Enacting Visualization”, June 9 at The Graduate Center, CUNY; NYC (9:30 am – 5 pm, The Skylight Room, 9001)

The Futures Initiative and Umeå University will host a one-day event on critical visualization on June 9 in collaboration with GC Digital Initiatives and the Advanced Research Collaboratory.

From the description:
Visualization has developed strongly over the last fifteen years. One driving force is the increased access to large (and often live) digital data sets whether it be voting demographics, blood sugar values, digitalized book collections, social media photos, eye-tracking information, movement of taxis across a map or sensor-based environmental data. It is not that sheer numbers or statistics are not useful, but visualization provides a way of “making sense” of data when we are concerned with very large and complex materials. The growth of visualization has been helped by new display technologies, the growth of geographically based information, and the emergence of new production tools and platforms for delivery. As Lauren Klein points out, visualization has a long arc, and is now in what may be called a “golden age” (Klein 2014).

The workshop engages with visualization critically and in terms of imagining and making visualizations with a focus on unpacking visualization practices, critiquing/imagining visualization regimes/concepts, and exploring visualizations beyond the visual (as well as what does not get visualized). Among other things, this requires taking humanistic knowledge, design, computation, experimental work, multiple modalities and the materiality of visualizations seriously. The workshop brings together designers, media scholars, philosophers, computer scientists, historians, artists, science studies scholars, visualization experts, demographers, literary scholars and digital humanists.

Invited participants:
Among invited participants are Lauren Klein (Georgia Tech), Benjamin Schmidt (Northeastern), Catherine D’Ignazio (Emerson College, MIT), Patrick Simon (The Graduate Center, ARC), Erica- Robles Anderson (NYU), Martha Poon (The New School), Kelli Moore (NYU), Micki Kaufman (The Graduate Center), Natalie Jeremijenko (NYU), Shannon Mattern (The New School) and Barry Smith (SAS, London).

Website and registration:

Critical Visualization Event at GC, CUNY on June 9, 2016

Patrik Svensson, Visiting Distinguished Scholar, Futures Initiative (and ARC in the fall of 2015)
Professor of Humanities and Information Technology, Umeå University

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