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Job Opportunity: Documentary for Al-Ebrahim Cars W.L.L.

On the behalf of Al-Ebrahim Cars W.L.L, this is the Director of the Marketing department in which we are based in the state of Kuwait, which is located in the Middle Eastern region. One of the multiple companies that we own is Sawaber Universal CO. that was established at 1978 by Mr. Mohammed Al-Ebrahim, the company survived the sudden stock market crash “Al-Manakh Crisis” in the late 1980’s, this is due to the large investments made by our CEO in foreign international markets. As the economy gradually started to recover, the company began to withdrawal its savings from foreign banks and started to reinvest within the country, trying to avoid its activity in the stock market.


Sawaber Universal Company is known to be:

1. The first taxi company in Kuwait  (Al-Ebrahim Taxi Company) (PAST)

2. The first franchisee of Hyundai cars in Kuwait (PAST)

3. Providing transportation services for the United States Government “U.S Military” (PAST/PRESENT)

4.Hoteliers (PRESENT)

5. Restaurants (PRESENT)

6. Hookah Bars (PRESENT)

7. Foreign investment in real estate across Central Europe and North America (PAST/PRESENT)

8. The Official Exclusive Distributers of GPE , MAGEX (ITALY) and JSBS, IN-HAND NETWORKS in (CHINA) vending machines in the state of Kuwait (PRESENT)

  1. The food consumption industry exclusively distributing United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates food and beverages in the local market (PRESENT)


However, now
we are establishing a new global project in the field of Technology, and we aim to recruit your best of the brightest students to assist the company in the creation of a documentary regarding the launch of our global project.

University Advantages,

  1. Student experience.
  2. University status increase.
  3. Credentials.

Student Advantages,

  1. Travel and explore India and China.
  2. Practical Work.
  3. Credibility.
  4. Company award and certificate.
  5. Credentials.
  6. Worldwide recognition.

We Guarantee,

  1. Private and secured villa in India (detailed location to be set upon contract) Goa-Mumbai-new Delhi-Kashmir-Bangalore-Hyderabad.
  2. Private and secured penthouse in China (detailed location to be set upon contract) Beijing-Hong Kong-Shanghai.
  3. Full security 24/7.
  4. Cook and maid available.
  5. Healthy and friendly environment.
  6. Diversity and a re-creational atmosphere
  7. FREE accommodation, food and traveling expenses





Marketing Director

Al- Ebrahim Cars W.L.L

 (+965) 99526300

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