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Call for Submissions: Hands-on Making and Beyond — Balancing Tactile & Digital

Session: Hands-on Making and Beyond:
Balancing Tactile & Digital

This session has been accepted to FATE’s 16th Biennial Conference: April 6th-8th, 2017 ( We invite designers, artists, educators, and practitioners coming from a wide range of creative, interdisciplinary backgrounds to submit a proposal.
A new generation of artists and designers are expanding traditional constraints by incorporating emerging technologies and tangible maker practices, bringing studio and design thinking closer together (Maeda, 2013). The increased significance of technology in the classroom has been debated by art and design scholars alike. Resnick (2006) and Blikstein (2013) argue that “making” by using digital fabrication could be the vehicle for inspiring innovative ideas and new literacies. Yet we know very little about how such distinctive thinking and approaches could be integrated into various studio art and design courses in K-12 and postsecondary education.
Today, artists, designers, and practitioners have been challenged to research and develop approaches to teaching that balance fine art and design with digital-making. This session will explore art and design pedagogies that effectively integrate technology, reframing traditional fine art and design courses. Specifically, this session will discuss student learning outcomes based on in-class observations, interviews, and artworks. We argue that it will be vital to develop flexible and creative ways to balance the effective implementation of technology and hands-on learning in order to promote the importance of studio and design thinking for meaningful collaborations and dialogue.Topics that apply to the theme may include:
–Maker education in art and design education and the notion of “making” in art and design education?
–Digital literacies between art and design education
–Past and present collaborations between art and design educators
–Studio and design thinking as a path to innovation
–Art and design thinking in collaborative learning and inquiry


Your submission is a 2 part process: 
1. First, complete the To the Core and Beyond Submission Form.
2. Second, please submit your paper title, 200 word abstract, and CV to Sohee Koo and Laura Scherling by July 15th, 2016.

Notification of acceptance: August, 2016

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