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Call for Submissions: Journal for Data Arts

The Journal for Data Arts is a quarterly journal dedicated to the disciplines of data science, art, and design. We seek submissions from scholars, practitioners, artists, journalists, and critics who produce work that captures the experimental nature of the data arts and sciences in new and exciting ways. Data has changed our society in ways we never imagined—it’s seen in our visual art, our music, our archives, our social practice— and we seek work that gives voice to these changes. We envision the journal as a home for interdisciplinary thought and scholarship, and we publish work that speaks to the many facets of this ever-evolving field.

JDA welcomes submissions that are experimental, critical, journalistic, or purely creative, but all submissions should engage with the ways we think and communicate about data, or with information’s role in society and culture.

Editor-in-Chief: Ben Rubin

Editor: Ashawnta Jackson

Circulation Manager: Katie Wanner

Design Assistant: Yu Bean Han

ISSN 2372-1197

Submission Guidelines

We have a rolling open call for submissions, and are currently seeking:

  • Criticism & Opinion — Reviews of relevant books, projects, and exhibitions, as well as opinion pieces on current trends and/or developments
  • Original images, Web-based interactive work, or audiovisual media
  • Original Projects — documentation and reflections on non-academic projects in the arts, sciences, humanities, or commercial realm
  • Sound Studies — representations of data as sound (sonification) and sound as data (transcription, metadata)
  • Historical, comparative, or personal essays examining people and practices that may illuminate or inspire new thinking in the data arts
  • Features/Investigations — Long-form journalistic pieces, either ones utilizing data-driven techniques or investigative pieces on critical issues in data technology
  • Scholarship— Traditional academic manuscripts that share empirical, methodological, and/or applied findings

Please include the following with your submission:

  • Author(s)/creator(s): name, phone, email, and institutional affiliation if applicable
  • Biography (all authors/creators): a brief 25–50-word biography
  • Title: title of your submission
  • Keywords: a list of five to ten keywords
  • Project Web address if applicable
  • Images (see Image Guidelines, below)

Send submissions to:

Reference Guidelines

The Journal for Data Arts adheres to The Chicago Manual of Style for formatting of all headings, tables, figures, and references.

Image Guidelines

JDA accepts JPG/JPEG or PNG file formats up to 300dpi resolution (or highest available). All images, illustrations, or graphics must be extracted from Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format documents and sent separately. JDA may resize or compress image files for publication purposes.

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