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Coca-Cola & Regal Films Filmmaking Challenge, Q&A Webinars

The New School SMS Students are eligible for a branded-content filmmaking opportunity with Coca-Cola and Regal Cinemas. Students are to submit a treatment/script to Coca-Cola & Regal Films that “makes fans so thirsty they crave a Coke and Popcorn”. Five finalists will be chosen and awarded $15K to produce a 35 second commercial that showcases the Regal and Coca-Cola brands. The completed film will views and judged by a panel industry experts and the Grand Prize winner will be featured in Regal Theaters nationwide.

This contest is only open to 25 participating schools; The New School being one of them. Do not miss your chance on this exciting opportunity. Interested students will need a full-time faculty member to sign off on their work. First deadline of deliverables are due on Sunday, November 13th! Attached are PowerPoint slides and info sheets regarding the contest. 

For program questions please email

A series of live webinar presentations have been created for students to join. They will walk through the Program Overview and filmmaker challenge. The goal is to bring the filmmaker challenge to life and answer student questions. They have 4 LIVE opportunities for students to join. Below are those times, please note your timezone.


  • 10/26 ——-8:00am PST / 10am CNT / 11am EST
  • 11/2 ———2pm PST/  4pm CNT / 5pm EST
  • 11/3———-12pm PST / 2pm CNT / 3pm EST
  • 11/7———-11am PST / 1pm CNT / 2pm EST

Video Conferencing System Directions: Please log in 5 minutes prior to the call to ensure you get logged in and set up in time for the start.

  1. Visit on your preferred browser (make sure your pop-up blocker is temporarily disabled)
  2. Enter your first and last name, and then your email
  3. On the next screen you will be prompted to create a password, or continue as a guest – either is fine.
  4. Once you have entered the conference room, you will need to connect audio – please use the “Call My Phone” option by entering your cell phone number. After hitting “Connect Me,” you will receive a call that adds you to the room. *IF THIS doesn’t work for you, you can call the number below.
  5. Once you’ve been added to the room, please place your phone on mute, if applicable. To ask questions, please use the public chat feature and we will field your questions as we go.

IF You are in a conference room and want to use a conference phone rather than your cell phone here is the dial info.

Call 1-888-354-0094  When prompted, use the Passcode 4635279 and then hit #Than


If you are unable to make one of our live presentations here is a recorded session for students to listen too.

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