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Former Summer Filmmaking Intensive Students Creates Film on Trump Protest

A student from last summer’s high school Filmmaking Intensive, Nick Catrambone, made a film about the recent Trump protests. The film can be viewed here:

Below are some thoughts from the filmmaker, Nick Catrambone.

“Like many of us, the recent election of Donald Trump has led to a moment of introspection and a call for action. Last night, I attended the protest at Union Square and I was amazed by the sense of community and empowerment from the people protesting and the experience. It reminded me of what makes America great, and the hope we can have for the future in a country where we can always be heard.

I was dismayed by the media coverage of the protest, which focused not on the content of the protesters, but on the few in DC burning flags, as well as painting a picture of a clash between police and protesters in the Manhattan, despite none of which I personally experienced or saw.”

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