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Social Media Internship Opportunity with Documentary Film AFTER

AFTER, a groundbreaking documentary that is an affirmation of poetry, cinema and life, is looking for an intern to help with social media: Facebook, website, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

The intern should be competent in helping to upgrade the website, enhance  Facebook presence, and help to widen the circles for the film on social media.  At present, the internship is unpaid; however, should the film be sold, there will be compensation.  The production team is happy to write letters of recommendation.

Please see the overview (posted below) and trailer for more information. Work can be done from your own computer for 2-5 hours a week.  Kindly send your resume and any samples you may have to


AFTER: A Groundbreaking Affirmation Of Poetry, Cinema and Life

“After the death of the last witnesses, the remembrance of the Holocaust must not be entrusted to historians alone. Now comes the hour of artistic creation.” (Child survivor and writer Aharon Appelfeld)

 As survivors age and pass away, the next generations will assume responsibility for sharing the Holocaust narrative. We need innovative ways to transmit the moral lessons, insights and wisdom that are gained through remembering. AFTER answers this call and imparts the Shoah’s ongoing relevance– that the past is not simply in the past, but rather a vital part of the present and future. A documentary, AFTER explores poetry about the Holocaust from the rise of Nazism to the current day. A fusion of cinema and poetry, each poem has its own style and visual island that evokes a range of emotions. Survivors, descendants, actors and public figures present the poems, creating a deep well of voices responding to evil and genocide. Between each poem, there are bridging sequences of music, historical photographs and documents, as well as interviews with poets on the relevance and necessity of poetry in the aftermath of the Shoah.

AFTER is a ninety-minute feature length documentary for an international film festival and television audience. It showcases seven to twelve poems written by a wide range of poets, both Jews and non-Jews, grappling with the Shoah as well as the challenges of a world still rife with genocide. Viewers will reexamine history through a new, vibrant contemporary lens. Language becomes a character, and the strength of the words, performances, commentary, cinematic interpretations, music, sounds and silences bring the poems to life on film in a powerful and innovative fashion. Shifting focus to the interior states of each work, each poem is a thread stitching together a narrative, enabling AFTER to be a living legacy and an inventive way to remember.

Intimate and elegiac, the poems are interwoven with images of loss and/or beginning anew. A 93-year-old Auschwitz survivor reads directly into the camera. His haunting words and face reveal the stories of the 20th century. The daughter of survivors presents what her father told her, “Home is anywhere they let you in.” Other times, the approach will be more complex–a poem plays out in voice-over, and the scene will look much like a feature film with sophisticated cinematography and sound design.

The film will primarily connect with young audiences who are steeped in visual media culture and will have significant crossover to those interested in the Holocaust, poetry, the arts or cinema. AFTER is ideal for international and domestic television, as well as film festivals. The team making the film is director Richard Kroehling, principle of Lumen Productions and a two-time Emmy Award winner, who directed A. Einstein for the PBS American Masters Series; cinematographer Lisa Rinzler, a multiple-award winner, who has shot over fifty feature films, including Pollock; and producer Janet R. Kirchheimer, daughter of survivors, award-winning poet and author of How to Spot One of Us, poems about her family and the Shoah.

AFTER is being incubated at Lumen Productions.



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