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Research Assistant Opportunity: The New School Collaboratory

Research Assistant Opportunity

About the Collaboratory

The New School Collaboratory is a university­-wide initiative launched formally in June 2013 with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. The Collaboratory aims to enhance the University’s efforts to foster meaningful, efficacious, and sustainable engagements with communities and external partners. In addition, it seeks to advance the university’s approach to making socially engaged learning, public scholarship, and creative and professional practice more visible and understood.

The Collaboratory has been engaged in multiple activities including:

  • Action research that seeks to identify the challenges of and best practices of socially engaged, collaborative and project based learning.
  • Design and development of tools and platforms that can enhance university-­wide efforts to achieve excellence in socially engaged learning and public scholarship.

Over the coming year, the Collaboratory will focus its efforts on the development of The New School Collaboratory web platform which will be formally launched this Spring semester. In addition to growing its website content, the TNS Collaboratory will support capacity building in multi-media documentation and dissemination of socially engaged learning and public scholarship across the university.
About the position

The position responsibilities include web and multimedia content curation and development, as well as supporting the community engagement and capacity building Collaboratory efforts. Specific tasks include maintenance and development of the Collaboratory platform, as well as contributing in the conceptualization, production, and implementation of Collaboratory workshops and events.

More information and to apply please review the job posting here.



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